My name is Samantha Harris, I’m from Queens, NY, and I am the owner / founder of A Little Bit of Love, – ALBoL started in Dec 2018 when I took a class that challenged me to 1) dream, and 2) take action toward it. I learned I am happiest when I live my life operating from a place of Love – and a little can go so far. That Christmas I made small sets for my family, and scotched taped “A Little Bit of Love” on them with their title & ingredients. One of my sisters sent me a link to Trademark the name and did not leave me alone until I did so. Once I made that first payment – that first investment, I could not waste it.
I make everything from scratch at home – no pre-mixed bases, alcohols, or chemicals. I use raw, organic, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients and am very picky and careful with where they come from. While I am a black woman participating in the uprising of black businesses, my products (just like Love) are for everyone – all ages, hair types, & skin tones. The message behind a Little Bit of Love is that “A Little Bit of Love” goes a long way – with my products, but more importantly in life, and it is vital to keep this message…. to keep love… going.

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Samantha E Harris