“Can I get a Bacon Egg and Cheese on a Roll?” Is what Ty Thomas, a true NYC Native (from the Bronx), hears her son order for breakfast at their local bodega in the A.M. This is also what inspired her to create the – A NYC KID line, which is a tribute to all the staples, and timeless moments in NYC. Some of the things she has grown to love (and possible love/hate relationship with) about NYC, she is also witnessing her son grow the same fondness of.

“From the coquito icy, (mine were 50cent, his are $1), to pushing your way on a crowded train, although it’s a different time, he is experiencing the very same thing I did when I was growing up. He is developing a NY mentality and knows the ropes.” – Ty Thomas

Don’t let the name, and where this concept stemmed from fool you! – A NYC KID is not only for a kid, or your Native New Yorker. It’s for the person that moved here from the Midwest. It’s for the tourist that visited, and noticed that New Yorkers are nice, just don’t stare. It’s for the person who is from NYC, and no longer lives here, but knows “You Good?” could be a good thing or bad thing. IT’S FOR EVERYONE!

– A NYC KID is a state of mind. Nostalgic, humorous, and just straight FACTS is what you will get from


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Tyshena Thomas