AfroGist Media We are a multimedia platform that serves the Black diaspora community in the United States. Our niches live and do business within the local New York City five boroughs. Our social media channels build a global village of the Afro- Diaspora community around the City and greater New York area. AfroGist Media Mission Our mission is to inform, inspire, and entertain while helping to amplify the voices of African immigrants, African Americans, Afro-Caribbean and Afro- Latinx communities. There is a lack of diversity in the administrative leadership of journalism leading to poor media representation of our community. This lack helps define our existence, and makes our presence a necessity. Positioned as a community media, we maintain good relationships with over 40 African countries’ embassy and consular offices here in the US. Our global network of public relation contractors in Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Guinea leg up our campaigns and work to further deepen our reach on the continent making sure we have relevant resource information for our African immigrants audience in the community. Offers to Our Community: We feature contents on ethnic dishes, Black beauty products, small business, wellness trade and investment; lifestyle; Afrobeat and Afropop music; culture and arts; music; fashion; travel; education, community resources; and local news and events, and more. Services to Sponsors and Partners: We offer advertising, design work, and digital marketing services to our sponsors and clients through our marketing platform – We currently serve the NYC local small businesses, sponsors/partners from across 50 US states, and others in Canada and in Africa. Breakdown: Target Country(ies): United States (main) Target Category(ies): Target Language(s): English, French – 59% male, 41% female – Average age 18-51 Years – Average income of $55k+ Placement opportunities and advertising: Homepage, preroll/midroll in videos and shows, article placement, backlink building, and infotorial ad unit.

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 Briana Dorley