Asili’s Boutique offers body care essentials that are all-natural, vegan-friendly, and non-comedogenic for men and women with all skin types (especially sensitive!). Every product is meticulously formulated with researched organic ingredients, so you can feel confident about what goes on and in your body. Asili wants to inspire you to live, love, and experience nature with our products. Your body will thank you!

Products include soaps, body butter, body oil, hair tonic,, hair mask, hair butter, tooth powder , yoni steams, yoni oil, herbs such as elderberry, mullein leaf and more!
In addition we are expanding our hair care services by providing outstanding personalized services through a team of skilled and creative professionals. Our stylist will work with clients on a personal level achieving one of a kind services where everyone feels comfortable and welcomed.

Services include All gender and age haircuts, as well as styling (Braids, Cornrows, Hair Extensions, Hair Styling and more.

Contact Name
Yolanda Covington and Jasmine Jackson