Bati is a traditional Ethiopian restaurant, located in the heart of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, dedicated to serving authentic delicacies that possess homemade quality flavors. The menu offers organic beef, poultry and a wide variety of delectable vegetable dishes, which also meet the western standards of vegan food preparation. Bati offers the option of individual or the traditional communal serving to its valued clientele. Bati also plans to add to the experience by serving more than good food. Features such as wine pairings, introduce talented Ethiopian artists and a monthly newsletter on the future Bati website will be implemented. Bati is a small town located in the heart of Wollo Governorate of North East Ethiopia. It is the center of the market held each Monday of the week, where both Muslim and Christian people of different ethnic backgrounds from the surrounding regions of Afar, Tigre, and Northeastern Shoa gather to trade and exchange merchandise. Bati is known as a gathering place where many people of different creeds come to interact. It is a famous city, often admired in folklore and song for the beauty of its inhabitants