Biodun Abudu was born in Rhode Island, USA but comes from a Nigerian background. In 2011, he graduated with an A.S. degree in Fashion Design and a B.A. in Merchandising Management with an emphasis on Fashion Merchandising. His first two books “Tales of My Skin & Stolen Sanity” are both based on true life stories. They both touch on forbidden topics that are swept under the rug and are hidden in the dark with the cruel intentions to silence an individual with fear.

He then released his 3rd and 4th books which are both poetry books. Forbidden Scripture is a collection of erotic poetry and Open Letters From Within is a poetry book that touches on pain, recovery and love. His 5th book “Tea, Tips & Tricks” is a book that gives information on how to make extra money, gives cleaning tips, mentions safe sex tips, spills the tea (gossip), speaks on things we often forget and more.

When he is not writing, he works as a visual artist. It wasn’t until recent that biodun abudu decided to share his artistic side. His paintings features his love for fashion, world culture, music, his personal influences and more. He also has a passion for landscape and architectural photography which he showcases as well.

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Biodun Abudu