Welcome to Body Space Fitness, a NYC training facility like no other. In a newly renovated space near Union Square, we offer a range of fitness options from private training to sports conditioning, educational and innovative workshops to nutritional consulting. Our unique semi-private option allows your coaches to tap into training styles that will motivate and inspire your most attractive, capable, functional physique Assessing Your Goals During your first visit, youll receive an assessment. Are you looking to build lean body mass, and/or increase your strength? Do you want to perfect your posture, and/or clean up your diet? Would you like more flexibility, better cardiovascular health, or something else? All of these can be measured. Well find out where you are now¦and then work to get you to the next league. Semi-Private Training Our signature offering is semi-private training. We design the program you need based on your goals”and then train you alongside 1, 2, or 3 others. As with private training, every client does whats right for him/her. But its more fun because you’re not doing it alone. Its also more affordable than one-on-one training, with a similar focus on your body, and your goals. Semi-private training is a plus for everyone. Our clients thrive, and our coaches can cultivate fun and dynamic workouts that emphasize teamwork and cooperation.