Brooklyn Chop House, NYC stands as a testament to the dynamic of Asian meets steakhouse, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional dining where music, culture, and gastronomy become one. Located at the helm of two of New York City’s most iconic meccas—the Financial District and Times Square—the restaurant embodies the city’s heartbeat that never sleeps. They are owned by renowned hip-hop industry impresario Robert “Don Pooh” Cummins and Partner David Thomas. Brooklyn Chop House serves as a living testament to the cultural tapestry of the metropolis. Stratis Morfogen’s management company serves as the Culinary management for the brand. With a backdrop of curated playlists, diners embark on a sensory journey, offering a menu that seamlessly blends the hearty essence of a classic steakhouse with the daring flair of Asian cuisine. Here, guests have the privilege of dining in an atmosphere where the essence of hip-hop royalty permeates, celebrating artistic expression through both music and extraordinary culinary creations. The dynamic dining room captures guests’ enthusiasm for enjoying their meals and the captivating ambiance. It’s where food and amazing cocktails and the vibe of the culture collide, offering an unforgettable journey that engages all the senses.

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Robert Cummins