Thank you for visiting the Block and giving us the opportunity to become your home for STEM Education and BLOCK Health & Fitness Services. We are bringing the gym and classroom to you, wherever you are to have the benefit of saving time, money and normal wear and tear of your clothes from travelling. Founded in New York, our brand of services is tailormade to suit your individual needs. We make it easy with: • Allied-Health Certificate Programs • Information Technology Certificate Programs • Standardized Test Preparation • Health and Fitness Services • Engaging classroom learning • Convenient locations for physical training We are excited to introduce to you our company for STEM Education Programs and BLOCK Health & Fitness Services! We have been providing these services for over 10 years and these seasoned programs and services housed under our own brand will be the building blocks to assist you in achieving your goals. Once again, thank you for visiting our company, it is our pleasure to provide you with our products at reasonable prices and cater to your needs.

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 Serghio Adams