Buff Patty is New Yorks finest Caribbean and American restaurant with a mixture of food that will engulf anyone taste buds. Owner Sylvester Davis, aka Patrick. Patrick envisioned one day of being an entrepreneur. With his passion for cooking on October 19, 1997, he opened his first restaurant in Fort Green (Clinton Hill) Brooklyn. Patrick and Sophie1With the growth, knowledge, and success of that business Patrick and his wife Sophia decided to open their second restaurant located in Elmont, Long Island on January 20, 2004, now having two restaurants that are synonymous to great tasting food that engulf Buff Patty culture. Buff Patty Caribbean and American restaurant boasts a delightful array of food that tantalizes any palette. The atmosphere is inviting with a staff that is courteous and ready to serve you. The best food of the Caribbean nestled in two perfect locations. Come and Experience the Real Jamaican Flavor!