Channels Business Solutions is a premier consultative practice which renders both Project Management and Business Analysis expertise for entities seeking creative problem solvers. Business Analysis work stream – We explore tactics to identify, uproot, transform, and reform organizations whom are in an objectionable state or are seeking resolutions for specific issues. This is accomplished through the application of functional disciplines and the prolific formulation of innovative concepts. Project Management workstream – We offer solutions to entities seeking to generate crucial deliverable(s) that may take shape as a tangible solution, a business utility or optimization exercise. We develop customized stratagems which are unique to our clients to satisfy organizational needs. This is achieved through the implementation of our formal delivery model that will satisfy the installation, design, enactment, and governance of your select business initiative. We set ourselves apart by way of our phased methodology whose core objective is to ultimately focus on the cause which has a dotted line to its symptoms. Our clients can look forward to a positive shift in their organization which re-aligns and/or accelerates their current strategic framework.

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 Donzell Lewis