Childbirth Now Services A leading provider of birth classes and Doula support, offering a practical approach to childbirth preparation. Each class is customized to lend insight and support to the unique goals of each family, based on maternal risk,preferences, birth location and expecting needs. Childbirth Classes: These courses are designed to help families understand the “play by play” once labor begins, inclusive of what to expect once entering the birth setting. Childbirth now founder Kayann Stephens uses her experience as a clinical nurse manager to discuss the “mechanics” of different birth locations to help families better manage all aspects of birth. We keeps up to date with complementary best practices and hospital/birth center initiatives to ensure that her patients receive thorough and adequate insight to their birth experience. Expecting families will be educated and informed on the following: Development of the third trimester Signs and symptoms of pre-term labor What to expect while in the hospital All stages of labor Distinction between true vs. false labor Relaxation and breathing Techniques Pain management options and medications When medical interventions & procedures are required Pushing positions Benefits of uninterrupted skin-to-skin with the newborn Postpartum needs and essentials Baby care for the first 2 weeks of life Optional breastfeeding support. Infant CPR: Emergency preparedness class for non-healthcare professionals, nannies and new parents. Useful in infant breathing and choking scenarios. This class will help build the confidence you need to help your little addition to the family. Guidelines for instruction are based on standards set forth by The American Heart Association (AHA) and Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines on infant CPR. Course details include: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Choking Hands on training Classroom materials and literature Ages 10 and up are welcomed Doula Support: Although not necessary, parents usually prefer to have the assistance of a Doula during labor to help manage the birth through coaching and hands-on techniques. Studies show that having the extra care of a Doula serves to shorten the labor, alleviate pain through use of pressure techniques and also reduce the risk of cesarean births. Doula services include the following care: •Childbirth education class •Accompanied prenatal visits (optional) •Assistance with the preparation of a Birth Plan •Maternal Clinical Nursing support •Continuous Labor and Delivery Support •Support of uninterrupted skin to skin •Initial Breastfeeding Assistance (optional) Lactation support •Immediate postpartum support •Initial Postpartum visit at home Extended and continuous nursing support, including breastfeeding assistance, maternal guidance, etc. The days following the birth of a child can bring some of the best moments a family will share. These times also call for an adjustment of daily routine and sleep patterns to accommodate the needs of a newborn. Postpartum care serves to alleviate some of the challenges during this transition period so that families can manage and fully enjoy their new family. Postpartum Nursing: Postpartum mothers receive experienced maternity nursing care, coaching and assistance with: Self care help for physical healing after birth Collaboration with midwife or obstetrician to assist with healing from all methods of delivery Recovery from c-section from a clinical nurse Lactation support Newborn care Infant sleeping habits Light housework Light healthy meals

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