Established in 2020 as a New York State & a New York City MWBE, The Collaborative for Better Urban Health is a multi-service mental health support agency created to address quality health service voids in communities of color. Internally, we are staffed by more than 40 NYS licensed and professionals of color ranging from: MBA’s, MPA’s and MA’s to LMSW’s, LCSW’s, NP’s, Ph.D.’s and DSW’s, etc. Externally, our network consists of more than 100 accredited and board-certified medical and healthcare providers of color. At Better Urban Health we specialize in 26 unique services that studies show are linked to: Better healthcare outcomes, Reductions in community violence, Preventable hospital ER costs, positive adjustments in negative student attitude, reductions in school based violence, connections to primary healthcare, as well as comfortableness with mental healthcare for youth (and young adults) between the ages of 12-24. According to data collected over the last 25 years from every globally respected higher educational institution, people of color have better healthcare outcomes when paired with providers of color. At Better Urban Health, we pooled more than 500 years of educational, professional and lived experience, coupled that experience with data, rolled up our sleeves and accepted the challenge of making people that look like us, from our communities, healthier.

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Kai Smith