We know how demanding and difficult it is setting up for an event or function! That is why we here at CORB THE CHEF, INC. give every one of our clients our personalized service. Our menu caters to include individual and personalized chef services as well as serving guests from 20 or more than 500+ efficiently with elegance and style bringing a bright delectable and appetizing experience. All successful events have three major ingredients: the family, the host and the guest; with all that’s involved there is a guaranteed aim for us to please all. We pay attention to details, our taste is perfected and our service is impeccable. Our Chef Cory Bloomer has created a variety of “Corbentizers”, Salads, Entrees, Desserts, Side Dishes and other culinary masterpieces, from which you can create a memorable and enjoyable meal for your guests. We incorporate style into every plate we serve. The appearance and the taste of the menu items creates a unique and appetizing experience for each event. Simply tell us your preference, the quantity of people attending and the services you require and we will do the rest. We provide quality service, servers and set up for all of our events. We will present you a detailed plan and invoice two weeks prior to event for your final approval. We take care of all the details including cleanup. We will make your event/function pleasurable and memorable, so that you can just relax and enjoy the experience, mingle with your family, p and guests. We also ask that we see the location the function is being held so that we can know what type of setup is needed allowing us to give you our best possible service. Keeping to basics our Employee Training Programs are designed in accordance to our client’s needs and requirements. We focus on teaching our Staff about health, hygiene and workplace safety procedures to give the personal touch and an eye for details.

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 Monica Thompson