E.G. Bowman Co., Inc. is an NYC-based, black-owned insurance brokerage firm. We are client-driven company that works with businesses from all industries, matching our diverse clients with the best insurance coverage at the best price while providing services to help reduce financial losses and claims. We are one of the oldest minority-owned insurance brokerages in the United States and were the first black-owned insurance brokerage to be headquartered on Wall Street.

During the 1960’s major insurance companies, “red-lined” African American neighborhoods and it became virtually impossible to obtain property insurance in certain areas. In light of those developments, our founder, Mrs. Ernesta Procope personally brought the matter to the attention of then Governor Nelson D. Rockefeller and went on to help to create the New York Property Underwriting Association, commonly known as the Fair Plan act, which makes homeowners insurance available to all regardless of the location of the risk. The “Fair Plan” proved to be a great savior to New Yorkers all over the State and today twenty-nine states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have adopted similar plans.

We are knowledgeable experts and work with the most reputable insurance companies in the country to help our clients protect their businesses. As a trusted provider of insurance brokerage, risk management and claims services, E.G. Bowman provides best in class service to support small businesses across all 50 states with superior service and market-leading business insurance expertise.