Working to Strengthen the Capacity of Leaders, Organizations and Communities! Global Ase is an unique firm established to assist leaders, organizations, corporations and communities who are working for social good. We are dedicated to focusing our efforts on those who believe the world can be a better place for all, with an emphasis on building partnerships economically, socially, and culturally. Global Ase focuses on working in partnership with an organizations governing team to identify leadership at all levels of the company, and incorporating and sharing systems for successful outcomes. We support leaders in strengthening their skills by understanding their unique leadership style while considering approaches that work best for their team, always keeping the organizations core values at the forefront of the process. In socially transformative initiatives, executives and management typically want to help change organizations for the better. Thats a tall order. Often leaders are faced with a challenge of finding the balance between being of service and being well, while planning accurately, monitoring effectively and evaluating outcomes authentically. Global Ase works to support executives and managers in building strategies for reflective and reflexive learning, accountable and transparent leadership, and where appropriate – the ability to explore the benefits of an equitable and democratized environment. We believe this can only happen when there is respect for what every person and each community innately has entering the discussion and how all aspects intersect to achieve optimum progress. Dedicated to helping companies navigate the process of creating, improving or expanding social entities through excellent corporate socially responsible and non-profit standards that are proven is at the core of our work. Our focus is on a very specific market, which includes entities working for social good, whether social venture, CSR units, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations or foundations. We seek to ensure that the organizational body is able to deliver needed services by:  Securing necessary resources Including recipients voice in the service delivery process  Communicating effectively  Planning thoroughly Creating opportunities for staff reflection and learning  Accurately evaluating with ease  Incorporating mindful leadership and self-care practices Working to strengthen the insight, inclusive intelligence of leaders and the systems and skills appropriate for organizations to reach optimum potential is paramount for operations. Global Ase focuses on the notion that inclusivity and the voices of the communities served can greatly inform efforts working for social change to achieve optimal results. Our philosophy at Global Ase is rooted in five core value areas that reflect the fact that social transformation begins and develops when all parties in a community have authentic involvement in their theory of change as well as become the architects of their transformation. The five core values areas are: 1. Community centered focus working to ensure voices inclusive of perspectives and ideas of the local communities are empowered and reflected in all implemented development strategies 2. Inspiring and accountable leadership that is dedicated to motivating communities and those that serve them, while inviting systems of accountability for all levels of leadership 3. Excellent management systems and strategies based in the proven areas of non-profit excellence 4. Culturally specific approaches respectful of existing community and individual intelligence 5. Sustainability is at the core of all successful planning and evaluation. When teams and leadership are contemplating how an effort can thrive beyond them personally to serve the greater good, strategies are generated that are often sustainable Global Ase provides program, board, staff and organizational evaluation. We believe that if the community and organization collaborate in designing the evaluation, it can be a streamlined, appropriate and rewarding process. We provide organizational needs assessment engaging all levels of the company to ensure an inclusive approach. Staff members for socially transformative organizations are typically engrossed in the making of â better world, leaving little time for anything else. Because most Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Non-Governmental & Non Profit Organizations operate with limited staff and resources (no matter the size), they rarely see all of their accomplishments, due to the intensity and workload. We assist organizations, initiatives and leaders in developing tools to easily recognize many of the short, mid and long-term outcomes that often go un-noted. Reflective learning is a strong tenet for Global Ases work in achieving desired outcomes.

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 Dawn Kwayera Archer