Global Empowerment And Mentoring Initiative Inc. is an educational and empowerment organization that helps young adults in High School and College to discover their purpose. It also helps mature adults who are interested in personal professional developments to unleash their potentials. We have six departments: Leadership training, Mentoring & Coaching, Public Speaking, Counselling & Career, Entrepreneurship, and personal professional development. We primarily focused on Human Development and Capacity Building. We discover that one of the major reasons why many people find it hard to succeed in life simply because they don’t know themselves. Self-discovery is one of the major challenges facing a lot of people. Many people don’t know what is unique about them which makes them make the wrong choice; regardless of the mistakes, they have made in life. We help progressive minds to unleash their potentials by turning their failures into their friend. We use emotional intelligence to meet our clients where they are with our comprehensive leadership and mentoring program. We do this by counseling, public speaking, and organizing workshops, seminars, and using in-person and zoom meetings.

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 Henry Ukazu