The Gold Wellness Circle is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization devoted to promoting the importance of physical and mental health amongst our communities and in our world today. By providing resources, classes, workshops, and collaborations with existing wellness companies, Gold Wellness Circle is here to help you and your loved ones live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Gold Wellness Circle all began in 2020, a time when we were all experiencing a world that most of us had never experienced before. It was a time when we all needed guidance and support because it was easy to feel lost and alone. Gold Wellness Circle was started to be the emotional getaway for anyone who was looking for support. We showed people so many ways to promote their mental and physical wellness through classes connecting them to classes like Meditation and yoga, or even providing them with the option to join Wellness Check-in calls to help get them through the difficult times. We were able to get through those dark times with our circle and the support that we were able to give one another.

Contact Name
Debra Dixon-Anderson