Gon’ Vegan LLC Bringing back the basics of diet and nutrition. Gon’ Vegan LLC is a plant based company consisting of carefully monitored, inspected and clean organic plants, grains, fruits and vegetables. 100% No SOY approach, non-plastic, non-aluminum preparation. My main goal is to provide the highest quality care and attention to detail. I create a variety of vegan foods as follows: non-animal meats, plant base cheese, butter, yogurt, jams and jellies, alkaline cold press juice and a variety of Gon’ Vegan Earth Powders, made with dried seeds, peeling, stems and leaves. Also Gon’ Vegan Spices, containing the best dried herbs with no fillers or by-products. In addition, I’ve added Gon’ Vegan Unisex Beauty Care: hair, skin products and cleansing elements. I achieve this through education and research daily.

Contact Name
 Olga Bracero