Hard Soul Boutique is the merchandise pivot for all things Hard Soul, including music (CD’s, vinyl & digital downloads), Strafe Art, limited edition Art Tees & hats; as well as talent bookings ( Hard Soul Recording artists, producers, DJ’s & visual designers).

Born and bred in downtown Brooklyn, Taylor was originally an employee at Federal Express when Hard Soul was started. “Every job I had I was always dealing with the public,” Taylor says about that period. “So, when we moved into this store front building in Boerum Hill, I had this feeling about opening the store but never pursued it.” Taylor is also the secretary on the AALDC (Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corp.) board in the area, and she has won the Greenest Commercial Block Association competition for 3 years. (You can still see her beautiful flowers in front of the door of her building.)

With a musical atmosphere of jazz, dance, house and R&B music in the background, Hard Soul Boutique contains an array of hats, hoodies, tee shirts and art tees (shirts bearing the digital artwork of Strafe). It is a gift shop for all of Strafe’s music and art that can be purchased. “You can find an array of earrings,” Taylor continues, “along with Sterling Silver jewelry, rings, necklaces, and semi-precious stones.” You might even see Strafe himself pop in, she adds.

All in all, the Hard Soul Boutique can be a pleasant experience for all those who come to visit. Feel the good vibes of Sharon Taylor and her shop and take home some of the cultural positivity that resides there.