I am selling health and wellness education related to women topics of navigating life altering experiences, guidance through menopause, body image, mental health, physical health, emotional wellness, reinventing oneself, and personal development. My unique approach is I bring over 40 years experience in occupational therapy, fitness, and coaching serving both men and women. After observing women from all walks of life for years put everyone first at the cost of their health and well being; I chose to work with women. because women are a valuable asset to our society. Health is wealth and if I can educate women to know they are valuable enough to make their health a priority, I will be empowering women to have balance in their life while supporting their family and community. These events can be offered workshops and/or classes digitally via webinars, pre-recorded, in person as a single event or as a series of days, weeks or months.

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 Natascha Hardee