Owners, veteran NFL player Stephen Bowen (NY Jets, Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys) and his wife Tiffany are both NYC natives and hookah connoisseurs. As avid jetsetters, Stephen and Tiffany have spent years traveling the world and frequenting hookah lounges in their leisure time. With Harlem as their home, Stephen and Tiffany are dedicated to introducing their ardor around hookah and infusing it with their desire to promote Harlem culture within NYC nightlife scene through this new venture, Harlem Hookah. With the 2nd renaissance of Harlem at its peak, Harlem Hookah is a much needed addition to the Lenox corridor and to Harlem culture. Harlemites and New Yorkers abroad will be impressed with the experience and the ambiance that Harlem Hookah has to offer. Harlem Hookah is the 1st of its franchise, as HH Bowen LLC seeks to expand the venture beyond NYC borders to multiple metropolitan markets, driving the experience within the hookah culture and establishing the brand as purveyors of sophistication in nightlife.