Green Power Associates is a Brooklyn based energy efficiency BPI GoldStar accredited contractor founded in 2008. We work extensively within the five boroughs of New York and both counties of Long Island.
We are your number one source for all your air sealing and insulation needs.
Our Vision
To Provide sustainable services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.
Our Mission
To simplify, explain and provide answers to questions and concerns that arise from the health and safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your home, workspace, or other buildings.
What we do
We provide thorough comprehensive energy assessments that uncover problem areas. These range from hot/cold or drafty rooms, poor indoor air quality, noise pollution, pest infestation, inefficient heating, and hot water appliances.
We address and correct our findings in a variety of ways that involves air sealing and insulating, including attics, cocklofts, crawl spaces, rim joists, knee walls, walls spaces and more, with cellulose, spray foam, rigid foam boards, and other similar products.
We are contracted by the state of New York [NYSERDA] who offers a variety of programs, ranging from FREE Low to Moderate Income [LMI] to for fee [paying] customers, also the utilities, Con Edison and National Grid, they offer incentivized programs for homes, multi-families, and commercial buildings.
Over the years we received several accolades, most notably:
A Proclamation from State Senator Kevin Parker; NYSERDA – Outstanding Contractor of the Year; Century Club Award recipient from the EPA and DOE; Sponsored and was featured in The PBS “The Tiny Lab” NY educational house tour.
Whether it’s your home or building, do give us a call [347] 350-9444, to identify which program best serves your needs.

Contact Name
 Ian Minerve