iNTENT Manifesto, is an entrepreneurial advisory and investment management firm that trains entrepreneurs and small businesses to build successful/sustainable companies and to access the right capital at the right time. ENTREPRENEURIAL ADVISORY: We specialize in the design and implementation of programming on behalf of leading organizations to offer to their members. We focus on accessing capital, pitch decks, and the critical building blocks for startup success. We provide classroom training, bootcamps, peer and 1:1 mentoring. Our active investment in startups, via the WOCstar Fund, provides us unparalleled insight into startup and funding trends, best practices, and resources. INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT: We are an emerging manager comprised of minority women who manage and deploy capital for clients seeking access to the fastest growing and highest potential segment of the startups sector, namely women of color and diverse tech teams (“WOCstars”). Emerging manager, venture capital fund manager of color focused on investing in minorities led tech companies. Able to manage funds for institutional investors such as pensions funds, fund of funds, family offices, foundations, controller or comptroller offices’ managers of managers or emerging manager programs. Specialize in sourcing investment opportunities, due diligence (operations, technology, market feasibility, review financial records); market/competitive analysis and mentoring/coaching entrepreneurs. Our firm also, specializes in investment trainings and workshops to encourage increased investment in startups and minority-owned businesses. We manage the WOCstar Fund, with a mandate to invest in early-stage women of color tech startups. The WOCstar Fund and its allies are investing to amplify value from overlooked and underestimated teams that are building the innovations that will shape our future. We capitalize on the financial market’s investment gap by investing in opportunities that other funds are missing due to their size, networks, pipelines. The WOCstar team of Partners and VC Scouts represents over 85 years of combined experience as investors, finance professionals, entrepreneurs and advisors to companies. Various milestones of team members include: ? Successful exits (IPO, acquisition, private sale, etc) ? Manage $125M fund ? Invested in 200+ companies ? M&A experience

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 Gayle Jennings