Our Jamaican chefs recipes have been in the family for generations. Come down to try our delicious Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Ox Tail, Jamaican Curry Goat and so many other homemade island favorites. These dishes are served with a choice of Rice & Peas, White Rice or Plantains & Steamed Vegetables. Free Bottle of Water with Purchase. All menu items are made to order. We carry Jamaican Drinks & Coffees such Blue Mountain Blend Coffee, Vitamalt, Bigga Soft Drinks, DG Jamaican Soda (all flavors), Jamaican Coconut water and more… We also carry a large selection of baked goods from Royal Caribbean Bakery such as Hard Dough Bread, Coconut Bulla Cakes, Sugar Buns, Bulla Buns, Roundspice Buns, Spice Fruit Buns, and Whole Wheat breads. Try one of our Shirley Sweet Biscuits also.