I was born and raised Togo, West Africa, though my parents are from Burkina Faso. I am from a village called Gando in the north of Togo, where Shea and Shea trees are an important part of life. I came to the USA in March 2002. I learned English and started a family. I have two boys.

I use 100% all-natural Shea butter to make premium quality lotions and balms. Shea has been used to treat, protect and soothe skin for thousands of years. My all-natural, shea lotions and balms give your skin the love it deserves. I make them by hand using only the finest quality essential oils. As a woman from Burkina Faso, an immigrant to the USA, I started my business to positively impact the lives of women in West Africa, who predominantly collect shea nuts and make shea butter. Despite their work, however, they often do not economically benefit. By sourcing only from companies that ethically do business, my business is contributing to the social and economic empowerment of West African women.