Company Philosophy and Vision: Educate and develop black and brown apparel designers and accessories brands on product development and manufacturing in the USA and overseas with a focus on quality and diversifying all apparel and accessory categories. The vision of LC Apparel Consulting is to increase the visibility and revenue of black & brown designers and entrepreneurs by building a black apparel marketplace in all categories through education, resources and manufacturing.

Company Goals: LC Apparel goal is to be the first fully blacked owned and staffed product development & production company manufacturing mainly in the USA with consulting offices and education institutions in NYC, Atlanta, Chicago and LA.

Target Market: Designers, Creators & Visionaries at beginner, intermediate and advanced stages of their apparel business looking to enhance their resources, skill set and education on their own time frame, budget and learning goals.

The Problem Were Solving: LC Apparel consulting gives designers interested in farthing their education the ability to learn at there on pace with our customized private learning systems. The services we provide allow designers to fund their dreams through flexible payment plans. LCAC is a one stop shop for creating and manufacturing all apparel categories from concept to consumer. Not to mentioned, we are the only female black owned company that offers this rim of services and education that is trustworthy, has integrity and proven track record of quality created products. Our focus is to increase visibility for black and brown designers.

Contact Name
Lenese Calleea