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Hakeem Rahim is an internationally recognized mental health consultant, educator and speaker. In 2012, Hakeem began speaking openly about his 23-year journey with bipolar disorder. Through his speaking, Hakeem has spoken to business executives, law enforcement officials, politicians, individuals with mental health challenges and their family members and in total to more than 300,000 people.

In March 2014, Hakeem testified on Capitol Hill before the House of Representatives where he shared his experience living with bipolar disorder to advocate for policy change. In 2016, Hakeem again advocated for policy change, this time testifying before the Senate, and participating in the Senate Summit on Mental Health. He has been featured in major news outlets for his advocacy work including USA Today.

In April 2016, Hakeem was featured in print and television ads as part of New York City’s ThriveNYC Mental Health Awareness Campaign, a campaign with a reach of 8 million New Yorkers with the goal to destigmatize mental illness.

In October 2016, US Embassy of Jamaica invited him to speak for world mental health awareness day as a mental health ambassador to the United States. He is a TEDx speaker, author and recorded spoken word artist.

Hakeem is the CEO of Live Breathe, LLC, a mental health and wellness focused consultancy that partners with schools, colleges, non-profits, small businesses and corporations to meet their needs around mental health and wellness initiatives. A graduate of Harvard University and Columbia Universities, Hakeem rose from struggling with illness in college to become a forerunner in mental health advocacy.

First Mental Health Ambassador for the United States via US State Department – Jamaican Embassy

First person with lived experience to testify before US House of Representative for mental health bill

First person with lived experience to testify before US Senate for mental health bill

Spoke to over 150,000 students and at least 350,000 ppl

Founder of I Am Acceptance, Inc –

Corporate Clients Including – Google, LinkedIn, NY Life, Itron, theBlock

College Clients Including – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Colorado College

School Clients Including – Andover, Exeter, St. Andrews, Roxbury Latin

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