“You have to get them to taste it. Once they taste it we’re in.” That was believed to be the key strategy to the success of Lloyd’s Carrot Cake, according to the late owner and founder, Lloyd Adams. For over 25 years, the quaint but very well-known bakery has supplied the most delicious baked goods made from scratch, to numerous patrons in the tri-state area. Initially starting with a recipe given to him by his mother, Lloyd toyed around with the ingredients in his Harlem apartment; tweaking the recipe to his liking. After much trial and error, he finally made a recipe that was promising for success. In 1985, he had enough money saved up to open a store front in the quiet Riverdale section of the Bronx. Since then, Lloyd’s has become a staple in the neighborhood and beyond, providing thousands of customers with some of the best homemade cakes, pies, and muffins in the city. The wholesome ingredients help provide an indescribable rich flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. Best-known for its carrot cake topped with its signature cream-cheese frosting, Lloyd’s has also won customers with its red velvet, German-chocolate, and pineapple-coconut cakes; as well as its delectable sweet potato, pumpkin, and apple pies.