Welcome to LoLo’s Seafood Shack, where Cape Cod meets Caribbean! Located in Harlem, LoLo’s Seafood Shack specializes in seafood with a burst of island flavor. Our menu offers Caribbean street foods alongside classic New England favorites like Steampots with our signature sauces. Choose from an already fine-picked selection of the most delicious seafood in Harlem. Pair your meal with veggie sides and refreshing beverages and have a full Caribbean + Cape Cod mash-up experience on the spot! Our delectable sandwiches are served in our homemade bread, called the Bake, a staple on various islands in the Caribbean. We also have snacks like smoked wings, jerk ribs and veggie sides like pickled slaw, corn on the cob and salads. You can design your meal to enjoy – an appetizer and seafood Steampot with sides, or you can opt for a quick Handheld on-the-go or make a vegetarian meal by ordering multiple snacks & sides. Feel free to kick up the head and flavor with all of LoLo’s signature sauces!