My business started back in 2020 when I decided to turn my hobby into a business. Growing up I used to make candles with my aunt because back then we didn’t have electricity so when funds were short to buy oil for the lamp or candles we would take scraps of melted down candles and melt it down to create a whole candle.

As I got older and things got modern I would still make candles with her because it was relaxing for me. My aunt would tell me I should start making candles to sell but I kept putting it off because I never had the time to invest in myself, then COVID-19 happened and I had no excuse, so I made an investment in myself and Lushed was born.

In the past two years I’ve seen my craft grown, I’ve learned soo much about the different things that can be done with wax and I’m in amazement of all that I have done from a regular straight pour scented candle to making dessert candles that replicates food and I am just beginning.

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Afiya Bonadie