Market Makeover distributes Latex – Vinyl – Nitrile Chemo Tested & Fentanyl Resistant Examination Gloves – Industrial Gloves (Blue“ Black  White available) – EPA Disinfectant Wipes – Alcohol Wipes – Bleach Wipes – Respirator Masks ( N95 – KN95 – 3PLY ) – Tissue Paper – Paper Towels – COVID Testing Kit – Syringes / Needles – PPE Kits – Body Bags – IPA / Ethanol Alcohol – Surface Cleaners – Hand Sanitizer – and other PPE Components  We can produce, import, stockpile, warehouse, and manage the entire supply chain as well as facilitate logistics for wholesale orders. In addition, we provide consulting services for the following 3 services (1) Structure PPE consumption plans to effectively strategize monthly ordering allotments.  (2) Develop efficient testing programs for back-to-school and back-to-work integration.  (3) Develop Telehealth programs to procure a healthy and safe environment at work, school, or otherwise. All of our manufacturing partners and supply chains are thoroughly vetted with independent 3rd party audits and inspection protocols ensuring product quality, environmental standards, and ethical business practices.

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 Andrew James