Math Without Limits is an organization focusing solely on strong mathematics instruction to develop a young persons conceptual understanding and fluency, helping them to become capable of maintaining their grade level or beyond. Math without Limits helps students develop the fundamental skillsets needed to reach grade level proficiency in mathematics. We offer a math intervention program which includes in-school academic intervention and private tutoring. In-school academic intervention is designed for schools who students need small group support in mathematics. Our approach is to work directly with classroom teachers to build an intervention program aligned with their curriculum. Our small group instruction builds a students prerequisite skillset while their teachers focus on the proficiency of their grade-level standards. Private tutoring is designed for families who want to supplement their child’s learning outside of school hours. We offer virtual tutoring which allows for flexibility and easy schedule for busy families. We support mathematics from Grade 3 – 12 including college readiness exams (ACT/SAT), SHSAT and ISEE.

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 Amara Brown