Maxmill LLC, a creative and light footprint approach to nurturing your little one. Maxmil LLC believes every child possesses an innate greatness that when nurtured and guided appropriately, creates a dynamic contributor to the world. As the school director, I was greatly inspired by the dynamic student-centered approach of Ms. Sudha Seetharaman creator of Trilok School in Brooklyn, New York. In her own school’s philosophy, Sudha Seetharaman so meaningfully writes: “we believe in practicing the philosophy of respect and devotion to the earth and instilling a commitment to humanity as well as compassion for all living beings are vital to our existence in the world. We also encourage the expression of our feelings in constructive ways and resolving differences peacefully, using dialogue and mindful strategies of conflict resolution.” This so closely fits in with our own belief system at Shining Bright Wonderschool. **Please note that there may be an enrolled student in this program or a child in the home without vaccinations.

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