My name is Born and I am the founder of Mighti Healthi Seamoss.

I was born on the tranquil islands of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and then raised in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. My family, seeking a better quality of life, emigrated to the United States and we settled in Flatbush, Brooklyn: the “Little West Indies” of NYC.

As a child, I spent hours watching my mother and grandmother prepare foods people would rave about. I was an observant child, a quick learner that promptly picked up the recipes that I’d later use to create healthy foods & drinks for others.

I created Mighti Healthi to help others begin their health journeys, maintain healthy lifestyles, and to reach their optimal health goals. We serve classic Caribbean flavors in healthier options based on premium wildcrafted Seamoss. At the very beginning, we served in the heart of the West Indian community in Brooklyn, New York. We wanted feedback from the community, and we received rave reviews on our products and customer service.