Morningside PlayCare (MPC) is a Benefit Corporation that teaches Mandarin and Spanish to children ages 18 mos. to 6 yrs. in a full-day and After School nurturing childcare program. Our curriculum includes science and yoga in a play-based, language immersion, and green program. We train teachers cross-culturally. We contribute to the field by collecting data, and reporting at professional conferences. OUR OUTCOMES: MPCs first child is now fluent in Mandarin, Spanish and English at age 5. Children who remain in our program or graduate and attend immersion elementary schools, have strong Mandarin skills as evidenced on formal and informal assessments. Our work has been well received at national Mandarin language conferences. Our business is profitable. OPERATING HISTORY: Licensed by New York State in 2015, we opened in 2016 with one 14 month old child who is now trilingual. We currently operate (online) at our legal capacity of 16 children ages 2 – 6, who are in various stages of Mandarin and Spanish language acquisition. OUR MISSION: Morningside PlayCare cultivates the language genius, open mindedness, and wonder-filled hearts of young children. SOURCE OF REVENUE: Parents pay tuition for half, full or extended day enrollment, 10 -12 months per year. OUR BIG VISION: Improve cross-cultural relations by increasing cross-cultural communication. First model how to rapidly create a multilingual American citizenry. Start with a single lab-hub in NYC. Develop best practices in early childhood language immersion. Produce multilingual children. Spawn licensed, home-based childcare programs employing those fluent in languages other than English. Grow into an elementary school. Be a lab for scholars. Expand our services geographically. Transform the way language is taught in the United States.

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 Gail Foster