OKRA DANCE COMPANYs mission is to educate, enlighten and inspire audiences through interactive and multicultural assembly programs and performances. Our presentations feature American and African-American social and fad dances and world rhythmic folk dances such as: tap, swing and traditional jazz; European partner dances such as the polka, minuet, and waltz; and Asian rhythmic dances such as bhangra, kathak, and Dai drum dance. Some of our shows include “AMERICAN DANCE: FROM AFRICA TO BROADWAY;” “RHYTHM DANCES FROM AROUND THE WORLD” AND “FROM AFRICA TO BLUES TO JAZZ TO RAP.” In addition to our shows in schools, libraries, musueums, festivals and private and corporate events, we provide workshops and residencies that make curriculum connections to classroom subject areas. We also facilitate professional development and team-building workshops and experiences for teachers and other group leaders that incorporate rhythm, movement, and making cultural connections. OKRA’s director is a former NYCDOE dance teacher, a member of the National Dance Education Association, and a founding member of the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance based at Duke University.

Contact Name
 Shireen Dickson