One of Pathway to Purpose core philosophy is that it takes a community to help students access a quality college education. This means we provide services and resources to empower students, parents, teachers, community based organizations and corporations.

The Pathway To Purpose Prep on Demand (POD) is an online college & career prep academy which offers a cutting edge digital solution for students,
parents, schools and organizations. The POD offers flexible, instantaneous and greater access to college & career prep information that centers around
academic, social, financial and professional prep. The POD features 61 total video lessons and assessments across 6 Modules. Module 1: features Understanding College, Module 2: Paying For College, Module 3: Career Ready, Module 4: You Got Accepted, Now What? Module 5: What it Takes To Win and Module 6: Let’s Talk Entrepreneurship.

The College Study Flashcards and the Student, Parent, and Teacher/Staff Empowerment Gift Boxes, are engaging resources created to make college preparation simple and fun for students of all ages. Perfect for use in the classroom, at home, or on the go. The flashcard categories include: Financial Aid, Types of Colleges, Affirmations, Entrepreneur and College Resources.

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Samantha Sinclair