The Company This company was founded to help people purchase homes in NYC. The President Jamaal Patterson researched grants to help Low to Medium income (LMI) house holds purchase properties. This transition into consulting and real estate brokerage services. The Ownership The company will be structured as a corporation.. The Management Flat Organizational with a holacracy management style. This firm will be a Kiosk with each partner contributing ideas without centralized hierarchy. The broker and agent will provide legal documents for closing of properties. The Grant researcher will find grants and work with community partners to find clients. The Goals and Objectives Research, Find, and secure grants for LMI house holds to purchase properties. Research, find and secure subsidized housing (lotteries, HDFCs) for LMI house holds. Consult with community organizations to educate on resources that are available to LMI Homebuyers. These objectives will allow Pro Grounds to become a Kiosk or Boutique Real Estate firm specializing in help LMI’s achieving the American Dream. The Product Grant Research, Homeownership workshops, finding homes for LMI homebuyers and selling property. The Target Market low to medium income households who have the credit, savings in order to purchase properties. Black and brown residents in nyc who are looking to purchase home or who have the ability to purchase.

Contact Name
 Jamaal Patterson