Founded in 2018, ReForum Consulting has emerged as lead facilitators and consultants, supporting corporations and communities seeking to reform their organizational culture and climate through curated conversations in various forums. Our work identifies challenges and develops strength-based strategies to support the change process. ReForum’s mission is to support individuals, teams, and communities in developing their strengths, affirming differences, and cultivating a culture of emotional, physical, social, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial wellness.
Our list of services include: Workshops, Training/Professional Development, Consulting and Coaching, Workplace Mission and Community Calendar Curation, Workplace Wellness Initiatives, Event Planning/Hosting, Curriculum Curation and Reference Guides, and Cohort/Advisory Group Curation and Implementation.
Some of our past curated conversations have included: Mental Health and Wellness Awareness, Community and Self-Care, Self-Care and Stress Management, Workplace Stress and Trauma, Team and Community Building, Organizational leadership and management, Cultural humility, Diversity and Inclusion, Financial Literacy and Social Capital, Urban Grief and Trauma, and Anti-Stigma and Bias Awareness. We know that these conversations may be difficult; thus we have been able to create a platform that is trauma-informed, impact driven, culturally humble, and engaging.

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Javonia Smith, Ti-Me Gadsden, Vicky Jocelin