Background The U Rock Math tutoring program was devised to support elementary and middle school students in mathematics. Founder, Dr. Daryl Rock is a former math teacher, high school principal, and superintendent. When he left his principalship at Benjamin Banneker Academy, that school had the highest graduation rate for African American students in New York State. When students get individualized instruction and consistent time to practice in a structured, mutually respectful, learning environment, they can make substantial progress in mathematics. These are the principles that guide U Rock Math. Overview At each school for 100 days, 5-10 high school juniors or seniors will be hired to support 30-60 elementary or middle school students in grades 3-8. The principal will determine which students will be involved. Two 55 minute sessions will be held after school from 3-5pm Tuesday to Fridays. Tutoring will not be conducted on Mondays, but the session will be used as the prep day for tutors to prepare materials for the week and meet with teachers. Each tutor will be responsible for 3-4 students per session, all from the same class. Tutors will be recruited and interviewed beforehand and will be hired based on mathematical ability, availability, and personality. Many are bilingual. During each session, a teacher in charge will be present, along with a college coordinator. They will supervise the program and tutor students in small groups. The college coordinator will also tutor students in small groups in addition to other duties.

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 Daryl Rock