Located in Crown Heights where there is a diverse array of cultures and ongoing gentrification, Savvy intends to augment the area’s culinary interest with authentic Caribbean fusion cuisines- flavorful, vibrant, colorful, textured, and healthy- in an urbane and family-friendly atmosphere. Our partners are culturally and professionally diverse with backgrounds that stem from a community we love and have called home – Brooklyn. Our passion for the ethereal dining experience of New York City as well as the connection to “just great food” have fueled our desire to join “The New Caribbean Food Movement”. However, we offer our own flavor and authenticity. Growing up in the West Indian culture, we have long embraced the intricate blend of spices infused in our mothers’ cooking that can spark any palate and leave you craving for more. Savvy’s menu promises dishes with ingredients that hint dulcet and piquant tastes mixed in flavorful sauces and garnishes, meats and seafood cooked to tender textures, and more…all of this in an ambience that offers a marriage of tranquility and vibrancy. In addition to appealing to the appetites of New York City, Savvy takes pride in becoming a part of the Crown Heights culture, its environs and beyond. Savvy also caters to the community by offering our premises for social events and community related activities. Providing exceptional service is what Savvy thrives on! -Live Savvy- and let us inspire you to make -The Wise Choice-