The recipes, the aromas, and the culinary history kept in boxes, journals, and the African kitchen come to life in our signature dishes. Visiting villages, asking questions, tasting and eating the African culture encapsulate the passion we bring to you. Serengeti Kitchens food is amazing, alive, and full of delicious surprises. A timeless sensuality, Serengeti Kitchen titillates West Harlems boom with Caranda-Martins piquant elevations of traditional, Contemporary and regional African cuisine served in a comfortable and casual, sexy atmosphere. Caranda-Martin recalls some of his greatest memories while growing up in Liberia and while traveling with grandma throughout Africa, including tasting exotic recipes from his grandmothers kitchen and collecting wild harvested herbs, teas and specialty herbs, meats, root vegetables, sea foods and fish to make amazingly delicious meals. The authenticity that makes Serengeti Kitchen stems from these experiences with a culinary gastronomy focus that positions us unlike any other African focused Restaurant in New York City. We welcome you to join us on this culinary journey.