SRL Logistics LLC is a multi-service company, that provides administrative and facilities management & logistic support, i.e., graphic design services; carpet and tile installations; commercial moving services and freight arrangement services. We intend to partner with other M/WBE and MBEs to provide our services. We are an approved transportation service provider (TSP) for FEMA, and carry the necessary insurance the government requires to transport government freight. SRL is a bonded, licensed property broker and we can facilitate pick up and delivery of freight of all kinds, including heavy haul, hazardous materials, trade waste from construction sites, equipment, machinery, government sites and retail consumer goods. SRL agents are capable of securing necessary permits for over-dimensional freight and assisting our carrier partners by ensuring they receive the permits in a timely fashion. We can also ensure competent trade waste removal services related to construction projects are disposed of only at facilities licensed to received such waste. As Wholesale Trade Brokers we can facilitate the purchasing of goods requested by the MTA and its agencies, and city, state and federal agencies if SRL wins a bid in an RFQ. For contract financing we will be working with the M/WBE Finance Account Manager for the NYC Business Solutions Center in Brooklyn and we have a Notice of Assignment with a financial services company who will pay our carriers, provide them with fuel and cash advance cards, and a 24-hour Quick Pay solution.

Contact Name
 Susan Rivers