StrivEquity Consulting LLC is a dynamic racial equity-focused leadership development consulting firm, specializing in executive coaching and leadership development for mid-career Black, Brown, and people of color professionals, who seek validation, tools, and guidance in pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Our clients are committed to embedding the values and principles of intersectional equity in their work and lives.

StrivEquity’s collaborations are centered around championing Black and people of color clients, organizational staff, and communities, who are working towards building just and equitable societies.

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Why Equity-Responsive Leadership?
The ERL approach combines two realities things that Black, Brown, and people of color professionals are facing:

– Seeking equitable approaches and outcomes in their teams, institutions and work, while;

– Navigating expectations from their institutions to lead equity-focused organizational work, which is usually unacknowledged, un/under paid, with hyperfocus on transformational results with limited resources.

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David D DeVaughn