With a passion for comfort foods, Sybil’s started with the humblest beginnings. Sybil Bernard-Kerrutt began selling West Indian comfort foods from her Far Rockaway kitchen and left an impression on the community. In 1976, The Queens resident opened her now famous restaurant Sybil’s. Specializing in Guyanese baked treats, such as round tennis rolls and pineapple jam-filled tarts, Sybil’s expanded into offering a more robust menu of West Indian cuisine, from Jerk Chicken to Pepperpot, a meat stew seasoned with molasses, cassava juices, and cinnamon sticks. Sybil’s has since expanded into four locations throughout New York and Florida and each location are being managed by one of Sybil’s children. Sybil’s children and grandchildren continuously strive to expand on the legacy of their mother by offering superb Caribbean cuisine through the community.