TEM360GES, LLC. D/B/A TeknoGRID, LLC. is a Telecom, IT, and Smart-cities infrastructure systems planner, supplier, integrator, and constructor. Our specialties are tailored to dense urban environments which include: • Smart-city master planning, design, and construction • Telecom and network performance and financial/tariff optimization • Gigabit speed outdoor Wi-Fi networks • DAS, small cell and microwave deployment • Structured cabling (fiber/copper) • Security, surveillance, and access control • Intelligent traffic surveillance and management systems • Network and systems analytics, O&M, and repair We are a Federal, NJ SBE, NJ MBE, and NJ Electrical Contractor headquartered in Newark, founded in 2009. We recruit and train locally to materially contribute to the revitalization of our community, work force, and quality of life. Our commitment is to assist public, private and non-profit organizations with identifying, adopting, and integrating – “Best-In-Class, Next G”

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 Marland Jenkins