As a comprehensive Executive Service Provider, we have designed and implemented a customized Strategic Plan relative to our client needs focused on improving outcomes for children, families and/or other stakeholders in need within education, healthcare (patients) and/or nonprofit sectors for social impact.As it relates to Workplace Operations, Personnel (Staff) Efficiencies and/or Leadership/Board Governance, we have provided Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory and Executive Management focused on expanding and improving the technical structures that allow organizations to share data and ultimately streamline their services to optimize stakeholder Return on Investment (ROI).

We have administered the appropriate Needs Assessment to prioritize policies, practices and regulations that agencies should jointly review and revise in order to create an alignment to improve public health equity and workforce development outcomes by establishing clear and consistent communications (goals, timelines, deliverables) with internal and external constituents. We have served as a liaison to Global Companies, Healthcare and Academic Institutions, Human Services and elected officials at the City, State and Federal Levels.

The Bertrand Education Group (B.E.G) is a Professional, Scientific and Technical Services enterprise based in New York, proudly offers organizational development, clinical evaluations and business solutions. Our certified leadership personnel provide various executive guidance to Academic, Government and Healthcare Institutions among Nonprofit Sector (inclusive of Financial Services, Technology and Philanthropy). With a Global Network of over 2,000 members, we can assist company leaders with a Total Quality Management Operational System (TQMOS), which is a management philosophy geared toward continuously enhancing the quality of products (methodologies) and processes consisting of multiple elements to maximize product development for increased revenue, employee and workplace efficiencies. The prelude can also be facilitated through a Strategic Plan to ensure optimal performance tailored to the applicable industry and monitored for real time adjustments and growth.

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