Two women, Fifi and Gwen, passionate for crabs! In Philadelphia, where Fifi grew up, crabs are a popular fare. Every neighborhood in Philly has a few crab places serving up steamed and seasoned to perfection Blue crab, Dungeness crab, and Alaskan Snow crab. Not so in New York. Fifi found herself frequenting the market in order to make them herself. Preparing crab perfection became a passion and it became a dream to open a restaurant dedicated to serving delicious crabs in Brooklyn! Gwen grew up with a family tradition of crab. Her father is from the Chesapeake Bay area and, as a treat for the family, always brought crabs home after his business trips. In line with the tradition, Gwen and her sister would wait for him with the newspaper laid out on the dining table waiting for their helping of crab, which would be joyfully served up. Like Fifi, Gwen was also frustrated by the severe lack of crab in New York. It was during a meal at a popular crab spot in Los Angeles, that Fifi once again brought up her idea of opening a place in Brooklyn. With the enthusiastic acclaim of Gwen and Che’nelle (initial investor), The Crabby Shack was born.