Juliet and Justine Masters are New York natives who have lived in Harlem for the last 17 years. Their restaurant, The Edge Harlem is an ode to the community and pays homage to the spirit of Harlem honoring those who came before. The building that the restaurant resides in has its own unique history and was a meeting place for key figures of the Harlem Renaissance such as Langston Hughes. Established on Edgecombe avenue in 2014, it is known for its cozy rustic decor and creative food reflecting the siblings British and Jamaican heritage, spiced up with a healthy dose of New York. The Edge Harlem is all about a shared experience  Juliet, a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute has over 15 years experience in the culinary arts, while Justine, who comes with a background in real estate, fashion, and music curates the ambience and the decor, while also managing the world music sound that keep patrons curious and entertained. But in truth, The Edge is a family effort: Owen, their father brews traditional Jamaican Sorrel and Ginger Beer popular with the regulars, while Susan spends time seeking decorative pieces amongst New Yorks antique stores. Together they have merged their own distinctive talents and characters to create The Edge.